Teachers and Staff

On this page you can find the teachers and other staff that work at Calvary Christian School! If you need to contact one of the teachers or staff members you can do so on this page. Also, if a teacher has a web site or extra material associated with a class they are teaching you can find a link to that site on this page under the teachers name.
Bobi Whinery
Debbie Garrity
Vice Principal/
Office Secretary
Melissa Lowe
Office Secretary

Elementary Teachers

Anne Rogers
K-4 am & K-4 pm
Joanna Worrell
K-5 am
Gina Rickard
K-5 pm
Karen Strecker
1st Grade
Renee Gackle
2nd Grade
Susan Gray
3rd Grade
Amy Seguin
4th Grade
Marjean Allen-Dunn
5th Grade
Cindy Kintner
5th Grade
Kortny Buhrman
Elementary PE
Soni Bryant
Fay Benson

Middle School Teachers

Shana Compton
K-5 pm & Jr. High & P.E.
Tisha Bryan
Jr. High Science
Nissa Flanagan
Evon Doyle
Jr. High English
Diana Anderson
Jr. High History & Art
Jennifer Cotta
Jr. High Bible