Tuition Prices

Calvary Christian School strives to offer an affordable alternative to the public school system. On this page you can view our prices we have for the 2023/2024 school year. We offer an 11-month and a 10-month tuition payment plan for you to pay at your convenience. We currently have the ability to receive payments online via PayPal with an additional 2.9% + $0.30 per payment on our online payment page.
If you have further questions regarding our prices and payments, please feel free to contact our office or send us an email through our website here. 
Curriculum Fee: (one time text, workbook and materials fee due in June)
$200 per K4 student, $245 per K5 student
Grade School and Jr. High:
$345 per 1st-5th Grade student
$360 per 6th-11th Grade student (11th grade part time curriculum fees differ)
Registration Fee: (Non-refundable processing and placement fee)
Grades K-11
Class Fee and Iowa Testing Fee: Grades K4-K5 $75 Grades 1st-5th $85 Grades 6th-11th $100
Placement Test Fee: (for new students only):
Grades K5-11th = $25 cash

Tuition Payment Plan Options

Option 1: Paid in Full Plan – First payment due Sept. 1st
K4-K5             $2884/year per student
Grades 1-5      $4811/year per student
Grades 6-8     $5023/year per student
Grade 9-11      $5341/year per student
Grade 11 Part Time Fee: $500 + $750
                        per class taken at CCS
Option 2: 11-month (July – May) Payment Plan
K4-K5             $262.19/mo.
Grades 1-5      $437.36/mo.
Grades 6-8     $456.64/mo.
Grade 9-11      $485.55/mo.
Grade 11 Part Time Fee: $500 + $750
                        per class taken at CCS
Option 3: 10-month (August – May) Payment Plan
K4-K5             $288.40/mo.
Grades 1-5     $481.10/mo.
Grades 6-8     $502.30/mo.
Grade 9-11      $534.10/mo.
Grade 11 Part Time Fee: $500 + $750
                        per class taken at CCS
There is a $200 discount per year for each additional student. There is also a 5% discount on tuition if tuition is paid in full by September 1st. Please note: There will be a $30 NSF charge for all returned checks and a $30 late fee charge if tuition is not collected by the 5th of the month.  
Volunteer Fee (Optional):
If you are unable or do not wish to volunteer for the minimum of 27 hours per year (3 hrs/mo.), you may opt to pay a volunteer fee at the beginning of the school year of $365 ($13/hr). This will waive the mandatory volunteer time agreed to when signing the Parent Partnership Agreement Plan.
Auction Fees:
Our main fundraising event (which keeps tuition low as possible) of the year is our School Auction. We require each family to participate by donating an auction item(s) with a minimum value of $100 and sell tickets for our “Mule Muffin” door prize. If you do not wish to donate an item(s), you may opt to pay $100 which will be used to purchase an item on your behalf. You may also opt to pay $100 instead of selling tickets.  
Referral Incentive:
You will have $200 taken off your tuition for each referred family who enrolls for the 2023/2024 school year.

Before and After School Care Prices

Before and After School Hours are: 6:00am-5:30pm
Care Registration Fee: $30/yr. Care Frequent Use Fee:
Care Rates:
$5.00/hr for frequent use and $7.00/hr. for infrequent use